7 Summer Activities For You And Your Dog

7 Summer Activities For You And Your Dog

Create A Frozen Treat

Frozen treats aren’t just for people. Dogs love an icy treat when it’s hot outside. All you need is a food your dog loves and an ice cube tray or treat toy. For instance, mix some cooked hamburger crumbles with water and freeze for the perfect treat during a summer cook-out.

Go To The Lake or Beach

Many dogs love playing in water, so why not spend a day at the lake or dog-friendly beach with your dog? If you don’t have a lake nearby, buy a shallow kiddie pool for your dog to splash around in. Take along his favorite ball to play fetch in the water.

Take A Road Trip

If your dog loves to ride in the car, plan a fun road trip for the day or weekend. Visit some fun new dog parks, and stay in a pet friendly hotel. It’s a fun getaway for both you and your dog this summer. Don't forget to bring one of our water bottles with you for the trip!

Try A Class

Check with local pet stores and parks to see if there are any dog friendly classes being held. Training classes, doggie yoga, or just fun dog events are all great activities to keep your dog active and socializing over the summer. You can even find some places that offer doggie swimming classes!

Go Camping

Take your pup with you for a real outdoor adventure! Plenty of room to run and explore new sights!

Check Out A Movie

Summer is the season for drive-in movies. Some parks even have pet friendly movie nights. Take your dog along for some extra bonding time while seeing a new movie or an old favorite. Some drive-ins even have special doggie areas for a quick potty break.

And finally, try Bikjoring!

Give your dog(s) a great workout by having him pull you on your bike – officially known as bikjoring. If your dog wants to run and is dragging you around on your walks, this is a great option as your dog will be healthier if he is allowed to exercise at his preferred pace, which is often faster than you can run.

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