Essential Steps For Flying With Your Pet

Essential Steps For Flying With Your Pet

Getting from point A to point B with your favorite pet in tow can be challenging, especially when flying is involved. But, there are always ways to prevent that looming flight headache.

 1. Research is the mother of all dog lovers.

Just go to town on pre-flight planning. Start with airline information websites, blogs, experienced flyers who have gone through it all, aunt's-friend's-second-cousin who worked that one time at airport security. No source of valuable information should be overlooked. As much as you can find out beforehand about airline regulations, health risks to be considered, and even proper handling of your pet on a flight, that much more bearable that flight for you and your pet will be. Also considering the health of your pet is a must, as some breeds of animals are not recommended to fly. 

 2. People are not used to seeing pets on a flight

Stings, I know. It’s the golden age of flight, and people still look twice when they see an animal in an enclosed space flying with them. So if you think having your pet in your lap is gonna fly - it will not. Not only are there strict airline policies against this (back to that research thing), but also people are not always comfortable with this notion. So, consider investing in some airline-approved carriers that will make the trip safer for you, and your pet as well.

 3. All pets are not treated equally in the air.

Unfortunately, discrimination has not missed the world of domesticated animals. Bringing your pet with you in the cabin is every pet owner's dream flight - for a bit of company and comfort. However, small pets have a better chance of getting the golden ticket to flying close to their owners, while most bigger pets will need to fly in the cargo hold. Depending on the size of your pet, you must also consider the size and make of the different airline-approved carriers required for them.

 4. Familiarity breeds comfort

For all animals, the fear of the unknown is just a bad flying experience waiting to happen. After getting acquainted with the 101 rulebook of flying with pets, you will need to get your dog prepped for the upcoming flight as well. Be ready, there will be health checks needed, doggie passports to be procured, and quite possibly some type of medication will need to be prescribed for the nervous fliers. And though all of this prep-work try and be there for your pet, to soothe their nervousness at the prospect of this new experience.


With extra effort towards prepping yourself and your dog ahead of time, you both stand a better chance of having a stress-free flight. And in the end, the old saying might just end up being true - It’s the journey and not the destination that matters, especially when you have your favorite furry friend there with you.

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  • What a sweet article about pet traveling preparation advice.
    Thank you for saying people should research many people who have experience and knowledge of flying with their pet ahead of time…

    Brenda Brigham on
  • You should be able to hold a small dog if you pay extra for a extra seat.

    Carl Giese on

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