Fur Sport Backpack

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ā€¢ Take your furry friend with you everywhere you go!

ā€¢ Front & Back Pet Carrier

Color Black
Size Small Dogs (0-8 lbs)

Keep Your Hands Free & Your Dog Close to Your Heart

The Fur Sport is designed so your dog has uninhibited visibility, engagement and canĀ join in on all the fun.Ā 

Small dog inside a pink Fur Sportā„¢ - Pet Backpack Carrier.

No Fur Baby Left Behind

Bring your fur friendsĀ onĀ grocery runs, hikes or motorcycle rides, and let themĀ take a break during longer walks.Ā If your dog isĀ old or injured,Ā the Fur Sport will helpĀ themĀ beĀ excited about going out again!

  • Reduces separation anxiety
  • Simplifies visits to the vet
  • Ventilated to keep your pets cool

Pup Approved

Nikki, a dog park owner from Toronto, uses our pack to help puppies and smaller dogs tag along during their dailyĀ hikes.

Secure &Ā Comfy

AnĀ interior bottom padĀ andĀ aĀ collar hookĀ to minimize all erratic movement and keep your precious cargo cozy, even when you're on the move.

Comes withĀ adjustable shoulder and belt straps to spread out the weight evenly. Two side pockets allow you to store treats & toys and adjust to the perfect fit.

    Blue and pink Fur Sportā„¢ - Pet Backpack Carrier showing the breahtable material, safety hook, comfy padded straps and how a small dog fits inside.

    Size Guide

    Tuck your pup into the right size pouch!

    It's important that they're snug enough not to wiggle around, and big enough not to feel cramped. Check out our recommendations below, and find your perfect size!

    Most will be able to fit into our recommended weight range, but toĀ be sure, please check the backpack dimensions too!

    Fur Sportā„¢ - Pet Backpack Carrier size chart with various dogs for reference

    All of our products arrive with an ironclad 30-day warranty.Ā If they get torn by your pets or damaged during delivery, we replace them for FREE. We guarantee for the quality of our product.

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