LeoPaw - Pet Tote Bag Carrier

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Color Light Gray
Size Standard (up to 8 lbs)

30-Day Warranty

All carriers come with an ironclad 30-day warranty. If they get torn by your pets or damaged during delivery, we replace them for FREE. We guarantee for the quality of our product.

Carry Your Pet in Style!

Leopaw™ will make sure you and your fur baby are noticed when you're out and about. It will make running errands or visits to the vet a lot more fun!

Safe & Versatile

Featuring a unique opening, allowing your pet to poke their head out and enjoy the sights and sounds of the world around them.

The head opening also provides ventilation for your pet, ensuring they stay comfortable and cool, and a internal safety lead to make sure your pet stays put.

Easy Returns

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Safe & Secure

We use the same payment processor as Amazon

Paw Approved

Over 1000 donations to shelters around the US & Canada