TuffHound Prime - Dog Harness

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Color Blue
Size S

The Prime is a heavy duty harness madeĀ toĀ survive the wear and tear of daily walks. It does wellĀ both during the day and on night outings due to in-built reflexive weaving. and is designed forĀ maximum adjustability, strength and comfort.

Large Orange dog wearing a pink TuffHound Primeā„¢ - Dog Harness with leash attached and close up of handle on a vivid background.


With twin buckles and four adjustable straps, this harness can beĀ adjusted to fitĀ any dog breedĀ (looking at you, greyhound). Padded withĀ Drytekā„¢ fabric, it is extremely breathable and comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Premium quality weaving and anĀ aluminum alloy D-ringĀ on the back can withstand up to 420 lbs of force.

Pink TuffHound Primeā„¢ - Dog Harness with close-ups of the reinforced buckle, adjustable strap, breathable fabric and durable webbing on a white background.

HowĀ to Select a Size

  • Measure chest circumference around theĀ widest part ofĀ your dog'sĀ rib cage
  • There should always be around an inch of space between the harness and your dog.
SizeĀ  NeckĀ CircumferenceĀ  Chest Circumference
Ā S 13.5 - 20'' 16.5 - 21''
Ā M 16 - 24.5'' 21 - 30''
Ā L 20 - 28'' 24.5 - 34''
Ā XL 25 - 32'' 26 - 37.5''

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