Cattitude - Escape Proof Cat Harness & Leash

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Color Blue
Size S

If you're into having your pet take you for a walk instead, the Cattitude is a breathable harness made to do just that. 

Designed for our furry feline friends (and small dogs), it is made to allow maximum mobility while also being next to impossible to shake off for our tiny escape artists.

No Walking Back

Most cat harnesses have a flaw that allows the cat to simply walk backwards to get out of it. Meowline is designed and sewn to be close fitting, with a back ridge that has a similar effect to a belt on a pair of pants. In other words, it's tightest in the middle, so it allows your pet maximum joint mobility, while also staying put.


Besides the standard Velcro patch, Meowline has another layer of security via hard Duraflex buckle. A zinc alloy D-ring next to the buckle can be used to tie your leash.  The top side and leash are both woven with highly reflective material and can be seen in low light.



Neck Circumference  Chest Circumference
S 8' - 9.5' 9.5' - 11'
M 9.5' - 11' 11' - 12.5'
L 11' - 12' 12.5' - 14'
XL 13.5' - 15' 15.5' - 18'
2XL 14' - 16.5' 18' - 23'
3XL 19' - 22' 23' - 25.5'


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