DePaw Pet Goggles

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Color Blue
Size Small / Medium Dogs

Protect your doggy's eyes through sunlight and snow, wind and rain - and do it in style! 

Pugg wearing DePaw Goggles for dogs

Effective UV Protection

Lens made of superb Polycarbonate, which can filter and reduce UV. Wear-resistant, anti-cracking, impact-resistant.

Also protects against:

  • Water and snow
  • Wind and debris

Comfortable & Adjustable

The inner edge of the frame is lined with sponge, keeps your pet's eyes safely away from the lenses. Frames are foldable with vents on the bottom to prevent vapor. Can adjust to fit with elastic straps on the head and chin.

Adjustable strap for DePaw Goggles and DePaw Goggles shown folded and unfolded with soft lining for padded comfort on blue background


Head strap range - 3.2 in to 6.7 in (8 cm to 17 cm)

Chin strap range - 3.7 in to 7.5 in (9.5 cm to 19 cm)

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