Paw Mariner - Dog Life Jacket

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Color Pink
Size XS

30-Day Warranty

If your coat gets torn up by your pets or damaged during delivery, we replace it for FREE. We guarantee for the quality of our product.

Beware of Do...Shark?

Most of our furry friends are natural swimmers, however not all of them deal well in water, so it's always a good to be on the safe side with a comfy life jacket. Some breeds like bulldogs can't swim at all, so for them a life jacket is a must for any outing that includes a lake, river, or the sea.


The Paw Mariner is equipped with a reinforced back handle, in the unlikely event your dog needs immediate assistance, a heavy duty D-ring to tie your leash and durable buckles to make sure the jacket stays on at all times.


Please check your dog's chest circumference and back length prior to making your purchase. Our weight recommendation can assist you in picking a size, but it does not guarantee a good fit.

Size  Back Length Chest Circumference Neck Size Weight
XS 8'' 12 - 16.5'' 10 - 14'' 4.5 - 9 lbs
S 10'' 16 - 21'' 14 - 18.5'' 9 - 15 lbs
M 12'' 16 - 25'' 15.5 - 19'' 15.5 - 26.5 lbs
L 14'' 20 - 29.5'' 16.5 - 21'' 26.5 - 44 lbs
XL 18'' 27 - 38.5'' 20 - 27.5'' 44 - 110 lbs

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