Scooper - Dog Water Bottle

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Color Pink

Simplify your daily adventures with our Scooper, specially designed to meet your dog walking needs. You no longer have to drop the leash, or take minutes setting up a collapsible bowl.

Doggy walking essentials packed into one bottle!

A yellow bag is pulled out of a blue Scooper™ - Dog Water Bottle and a large yellow dog drinking water out of the same blue Scooper™ - Dog Water Bottle on a vivid background.

Designed to help you with your everyday walks, the Scooper can also be used for longer trips to the dog park, beach or any car ride!


✅ Single Button - You can lock and unlock, pour and retract water at a push of ONE button.

✅ Pooper Scooper - Each bottle comes with a mini shovel & storage for your poop bag.

✅ Portable & Leak-Proof - Can easily be worn in your bag or backpack.

✅ Thoughtfully Designed - All materials used are FDA approved - recyclable, BPA free and lead-free.

Small brown and black dog drinking water out of a green Products Scooper™ - Dog Water Bottle on a white background.

Standard Size - 10 oz (300 ml)

FDA certified recyclable polymer


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