Truelove Heavy Duty - Reflective Dog Leash

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Color Black
Width XS (3/8 inch / 1.0 cm)

The Truelove leash is a perfect complement for any of our harnesses, vests or collars, and it shares in the qualities of all three. It's extremely durable and made to withstand even the heavyweights of "pulling".

  • Comfortable/Ergonomic Grip with Mesh Padding
  • Lined with Exceptionally Reflective Material for Extra Night Safety
  • Duraflex Leash Attachment - Zync Alloy with High Tensile Strenght


Close up of the handle of a blue Truelove Heavy Duty™ - Reflective Dog Leash being held by the hand and its breathable material on a white background.

Specifications & Sizing


XS / S - 3.6 ft / 110 cm

M / L - 6.5 ft / 200 cm 

XS (2/3 inch / 1.5 cm)Small dogs (under 30 pounds)
S (4/5 inch / 2 cm)Medium dogs (30-50 pounds)
M (4/5 inch / 2 cm) - Medium to large dogs (50-75 pounds)
L (1 inch / 2.5 cm) - Large dogs (over 75 pounds)



Nylon, Padded Mesh

Close up of the reflective surface of a blue Truelove Heavy Duty™ - Reflective Dog Leash on a white background.

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