DogSki Brawn - Waterproof Jacket Harness

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Color Light Gray
Size XL

30-Day Warranty

If your jacket gets torn up by your pets or damaged during delivery, we replace it for FREE. We guarantee for the quality of our product.

Warm, Dry, Built for Pullers

A lot of our larger dogs love the winter, but those not blessed with a long natural coat feel the cold just as much as we do. Help your dog through the rough winter months, prevent shivers and protect from frostbite and hypothermia during cold weather walks.

Brown short hair dog in a gray warm DogSki Waterproof Jacket with Harness for Medium and Large Dogs.

Warm, Adjustable, Waterproof

The DogSki Brawn is a warm waterproof jacket that doubles up as a harness. Designed for medium and large dogs, safe against pullers.

Multiple elastic bands to adjust to a perfect fit. Built to keep your pets dry and warm - autumn to spring.

Gray DogSki Waterproof Jacket with Harness and fur collar elastic bands/

Premium Materials, Reflective Lining

Made with 100% waterproof lining on the outside, and a cotton composite on the inside. Foldable fur collar and large zipper made of high quality resin on the back enhanced by a hidden inside buckle.

Gray DogSki Waterproof Jacket with Harness buckle.

Size Chart

Please measure your pet's chest girth and back length when picking your size. 

DogSki Waterproof Jacket with Harness and fur collar size chart.

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