Truelove Frost - Dog Cooling Vest

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Color Orange
Size XXS

Frost™ is our heavy duty cooling vest geared towards dog owners with a passion for the outdoors. It is made with high quality, extremely durable materials and will take you through long hikes, mountain biking, river running or any other adventure you take on with your best friend.

  • Comfortable / Adjustable Fit
  • High Mobility
  • Perfect for Hot & Humid Climates
  • Top Mounted D-Ring Buckle

How To Use & Specifications

Instructions on how to use the Truelove Frost™ - Dog Cooling Vest on a white background.

Sizing Chart

Size Chest Neck
XXS  30-36cm / 12-14in 25-28cm / 10-11in
XS       37-44cm / 14.5-17.5in      29-32cm / 11.5-12.5in
S       45-50cm / 17.5-19.5in   33-37cm / 13-14.5in
M    54-60cm / 21-23.6in 38-44cm / 15-17in
L       65-70cm / 25.5-27.5in   45-49cm / 17.5-19in
XL 76-82cm / 30-32in      50-57cm / 19.5-22.5in
XXL   92-98cm / 36-38.5in    58-78cm / 23-30.5in


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