TuffHound Recoil - Bungee Dog Leash

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Color Red
Length Standard

Is your dog the type that suddenly dashes out and jumps at everything during your walks? The Recoil is a preferred choice for all dog owners who like to keep their dogs close and secure, or as some would say "on a short leash".

Large Husky being led on a pink TuffHound Recoil™ - Bungee Dog Leash on a vivid background.


  • Superb bungee effect and tensile strength to manage the heaviest of pullers
  • High quality 80 rubber strands for long-term elasticity
  • Soft padded handle for extra comfort

Close up of a colorful TuffHound Recoil™ - Bungee Dog Leash on a white background.



Standard: 2.5 - 3.5 ft. / 75 - 105 cm

Long: 4 - 5 ft / 120 - 150 cm

Material: Nylon, Hardened Rubber

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